We specialize in the manufacturing of wire harnesses, specialty cables, and custom connectors. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Many of our harnesses are designed to integrate with OEM wiring systems.

Some of the industry segments we serve:

  • Alternative fuels
  • Fleet vehicle conversions
  • Military
  • Off-road, watercraft, and racing engine management
  • Scientific research and development
  • Upfitter device integration

We have the design and manufacturing capabilities to supply prototypes and volume production of wire harnesses, specialty cables, and custom connectors with short lead times. We have the ability to employ proven electronics potting compounds and application techniques for long-term product durability in harsh conditions.

Manufacturing and testing equipment assets that we utilize in-house:

  • Alphatron automated mil-spec pull testing equipment
  • Autosplice MultiSert high speed pin insertion machine
  • Cirris Systems CH2 hipot high voltage testing unit
  • Cirris Systems CR 13,824 point aircraft cable testing array
  • Hakko soldering and fume extraction machinery
  • Komax Gamma 333 PC wire leadmaker center
  • Komax Kappa 310 wire processing center
  • Mainline DynoLog Pro Hub 3000 dyno
  • Nordson See-Flo 690 solid rod displacement potting machinery
  • Schleuniger JacketStrip 8310 processing machine
  • Solidworks CAD software
  • TE electric crimp presses
  • 3D printing capabilities

Boomslang Fabrication LLC Manufacturning

Boomslang Fabrication LLC Manufacturing